Eastern Partnership – Challenges and Future Prospects of Development in the Turbulent Environment

The Latvian Institute of International Affairs, in cooperation with the Embassies of Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova to the Republic of Latvia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia and the Representation of the European Commission in Latvia, kindly invites you to the discussion "Eastern Partnership – Challenges and Future Prospects of Development in the Turbulent Environment" on 7 December 2017, from 12.00-13.30, at the EU House, Aspazijas boulevard 28, Riga.
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The 24 November 2017 Eastern Partnership summit in Brussels marked a particularly important milestone in the relationship between the EU and Armenia, as the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement was signed. Despite this development, it attracted little attention from the media and the broader public, and its Joint decaration has already been criticized as "too cautious". However, the document still reaffirms the "shared commitment to this strategic and ambitious Partnership [..] which brings the Eastern European partner countries closer to the European Union". 
The discussion will therefore aim to give a voice to the Eastern Partners, to inquire about the future of Eastern Neighborhood Policy in the background of raising uncertainty within and without the EU. What changes has this policy seen since the November 2015 Review? What do the Eastern Neighbours expect from the EU, and what can the EU offer to them? How has the internal political turbulence within the EU resonated with the neighbourhood? Which other major challenges lie ahead?

Publicēts 03. decembris, 2017