Societal Security in the Baltic Sea Region: Expertise Mapping and Raising Policy Relevance

The project "Societal Security in the Baltic Sea Region" is midway through its second phase. With the help of experts Arseny Sivitsky (Belarus), Cecile Stokholm Banke (Denmark), Ivo Juurvee (Estonia), Silja Bára Ómarsdóttir (Iceland), Diāna Potjomkina (Latvia), Gediminas Vitkus (Lithuania), Claudia Morsut (Norway), Marta Kowalska (Poland), Alexander Sergunin (Russia), Tapio Jutunen (Finland), and Kristina Syk (Sweden), and editors Mika Aaltola, Andris Sprūds and Boris Kuznetsov, we have gathered a collection of chapters, addressing the emergence of societal security as a term, a practice and a policy in the Baltic Sea region. 
The next steps will lead us to identify the understanding and governance, as well as the practice of societal security on a state level (Mika Aaltola), the dynamics of the regional level, especially highlighting the emerging differences and similarities, emerging practices and the "glue" that binds the Baltic Region together when it comes to thinking about societal security; and, lastly, to conceptualize a Baltic Sea region "proper" understanding of societal security (Andris Sprūds).
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More about the project, please read here.

Publicēts 29. janvāris, 2018