The Rīga Conference Papers 2018 is approaching

We are proud to announce that the "Riga Conference Papers 2018: Security of the Baltic Sea Region Revisited amid the Baltic Centenary" is coming out today! Get your copy later on at the venue of the Rīga Conference 2018 or at out webpage.

The Rīga Conference Papers 2018 offer a collection of articles reflecting on the security of the Baltic Sea region amid the Baltic Centenary. Authors from the region and beyond discuss the transforming regional security policies and realities. Particular attention is devoted to the Transatlantic link, as well as the role of Russia in the regional security constellation. Last but not least, issues beyond the traditional regional security challenges are also addressed.

This project is managed by the Latvian Institute of International Affairs, supported by the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NATO Public Diplomacy Division.

Publicēts 21. septembris, 2018