CSIS’s Europe Program and the Embassy of Latvia in the USA welcome Andris Sprūds to present recent LIIA's publication

CSIS Europe Program and the Embassy of Latvia to the USA have invited the director of the Latvian Institute of International Affairs, Dr. Andris Sprūds, to present one of the recent LIIA publications: „Friendship in the Making: Transforming Relations between Germany and the Baltic-Visegrad Countries”.

Germany’s modern relationship with Central Europe and the Baltic states has been a story of overcoming tragedies of the first half of the 20th century and looking towards a more prosperous future together. As the European debt crisis enters its fourth year and Germany strengthens its positions as Europe’s most important economic power, Dr. Sprūds will discuss how Germany will evolve as a foreign and security policy actor; how other European countries, particularly Central European and Baltic states, are adapting to an increasing shift of economic and political power to Mitteleuropa; and what new economic, security and diplomatic opportunities exist among these countries and what policy implications there are for the future.

Publicēts 17. aprīlis, 2013