Reset of Latvian Institute of International Affairs

Latvian Institute of International Affairs has been, to use a recently popular term, reset. We are coming with a refurbished  internet platform to continue providing Latvia’s and foreign audiences with an analysis on regional interaction from Latvia’s perspective, express our views on Latvia related issues and policies, and contribute to an intellectual exchange of ideas on global developments. More widely, this newly established platform demonstrates our determination not only to reset but also “speed up” institute’s participation in policy analysis, exchanging thoughts and presenting our views in various formats, be it blogs, analytical publications, public lectures or conferences. And, beyond any doubt, to work more closely with our partners in the process.

Although economic and financial recession has had considerable repercussions for the think tank and academic communities in Latvia, there is a considerable enthusiasm and positivism while looking into the future. The Chinese proverb “May we live in interesting times” is interpreted as a window of opportunity rather than curse now. The need to deal with the economic challenges of the last two years, even if it may seem ironic, has facilitated the intensification of personal and institutional interaction. As the result, the partnership links have only been strengthened. On the behalf of the institute and my colleagues I am expressing our gratitude to our Latvian and foreign partners who have contributed to and inspired activities of the institute. Much more, however, remains to be done, analyzed and discussed in those “interesting times”. Hence, we are looking forward to further cooperation and intellectually invigorating debates and, with a modest hope, to opening of the windows of opportunities for policy relevant and effective expertise and partnerships.

Publicēts 20. janvāris, 2011

Autors Andris Sprūds